Bone Loss in Jaw

When a tooth is lost, many patients don’t realize the impact this can have on the appearance and health of their smile. Among the effects of tooth loss is the gradual deterioration of the jawbone. When the jawbone begins to weaken, this can lead to issues with the remaining teeth and the distortion of facial features. Additionally, this makes it more challenging to seek restorative treatment, such as dental implants, later on. If you have lost a tooth and are seeking the best next steps to prevent bone loss, contact our office in Rochester, IN, today!

How Bone Loss & Tooth Loss Correlate

The connection between the tooth root and jawbone presents a mutual benefit, allowing them to maintain each other’s health while performing their own function. While biting and chewing, the tooth can stimulate the jawbone, encouraging the jawbone to strengthen and hold the tooth more securely. A strong jawbone is needed to support teeth, and the teeth, in turn, depend on that support to chew and speak properly. 

Once a tooth is lost, the jawbone loses its stimulation and can no longer grow stronger in the area of the missing tooth. Instead, it begins to shrink as it is no longer needed to support the tooth root. This may cause neighboring teeth to shift and facial tissues to sink inward, no longer supported by the healthy jawbone.

How Do Implants Reduce Bone Loss?

Dental implants are the most similar restorative treatment to a natural tooth. Instead of only aiding the appearance of your smile, they benefit the health and overall function as well. 

An implant is composed of three parts that all work together to substitute a natural tooth. 

  • The implant post is inserted into the jawbone, creating the same stimulation that a natural tooth root provides to strengthen and exercise the jawbone. 
  • An abutment is attached to the implant, acting as a connecting piece between the custom-made crown and artificial root, replacing the entire tooth. 

Combined, these components restore the health and ability of the teeth and jawbone, restoring their mutual benefit.

How We Can Help

Our office offers dental implants to prevent patients from experiencing bone loss after losing a tooth. If an implant is placed soon after extraction or after a tooth is lost, you may never experience any bone loss at all. If your jawbone has already begun to deteriorate, we have treatment available to restore your bone so that implants can be placed. Contact our office in Rochester, IN, today to learn more about the many benefits of dental implants!

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