Implant-Supported Dentures

Both dentures and implants are great options for replacing missing teeth, but when it comes to the advantages and benefits of implants, no other method is comparable. We offer patients the opportunity to utilize implants to better support their dentures. This makes the fit more snug and secure, allowing patients to eat, speak, and live their lives without the fear of dentures becoming loose. 

Implants also benefit your jawbone by preventing it from degenerating after tooth loss, which may cause your facial muscles to sag. If you’re interested in the benefits of implant-supported dentures, please contact our office! Our team in Rochester, IN will be excited to help you find the option that best fits your needs!

Securing Loose Dentures

While dentures do their job of replacing missing teeth, they don’t come without their disadvantages. One inconvenience would be that they become looser over time, making it more difficult to secure the right fit. Many times, this isn’t caused by the appliance, but by your gums. Over time, your gums and jawbone begin to shrink and diminish, as there are no longer any teeth present to stimulate bone sustenance. Implants prevent this from happening by replacing the root of your teeth, effectively preventing degeneration, and promoting healthy bone growth. 

If your jaw bone has already begun to deteriorate, there is no need to worry! Our office offers treatments to restore your jaw bone, making implant-supported dentures a possibility for you!

Replacing Dentures With Implants

Even if you’ve been wearing your dentures for many years, it’s not too late to have implants placed. We can do this in just four steps:

  • Evaluate the Health of Your Gums & Jawbone
  • Provide Bone Grafting or Gum Treatment if Needed
  • Place Between Four to Six Implants Along the Top/Bottom Gum Arch
  • Update Your Dentures With Snap Connectors or Design New Dentures

Upon healing, dentures can be held more securely by the implants and effectively restore your smile!

Upgrade Your Dentures With Dental Implants

Dr. loves to change people’s lives through quality dentistry. Patients that have worn dentures will be shocked at the ease and functionality they receive with the addition of implants to their smile. Our team has performed implant procedures for many years and has always been met with joy and satisfaction from patients when they experience the results for themselves! With our advanced knowledge, experience, and technology, we continue to find new ways to boost the health and quality of life of our patients. Getting started on your dental implant journey is easy! Give us a call today and let us transform your smile with dental implants.

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