Single Tooth Implants

Even missing a single tooth can have a significant impact on the health and beauty of your smile. The loss of a tooth sets off a chain reaction, leading to the advancement of problems that begin to take over the function of your smile and the beauty of it as well. Our office in Rochester, IN has the tools, resources, and team necessary to restore your smile and bring back the full potential of your dental health. If you’re seeking the best options for your missing tooth, contact our office today! 

Single Tooth Restoration

There are many different reasons why patients can lose a tooth, even at a young age. This can be a result of poor hygiene, gum disease, injury, or extraction. With tooth loss being a relatively common problem, especially as we age, there is no reason for you to suffer from embarrassment, poor function, or declining dental health as a result. With the advancement of modern dentistry, there are new, impressive ways to replace lost teeth that are dependable and incredibly similar to the original tooth. 

Dental implants are truly the ideal solution for tooth loss, bringing patients the function and appearance of their original tooth with an appliance that is designed to last a lifetime! The process involves a simple surgical procedure in which titanium posts are embedded in the jawbone, acting as a natural tooth root. An abutment is attached to the end of the post, giving your new dental crown a secure attachment to the artificial root. 

Restore Your Tooth, Restore Your Life

Many things can change for patients upon losing their first primary tooth. Their neighboring teeth begin to shift out of alignment to fill the empty position, their jaw bone begins to deteriorate, causing loose facial sagging, and their confidence begins to dwindle. All of these problems can be resolved with a simple dental implant! 

Our team has the ability to place implants with precision, perfection, and accuracy so that the patient recovers easily and has a brand new tooth to last a lifetime. If you are interested in receiving a dental implant, call our office today! We can get you scheduled for a consultation with Dr., where all your concerns or questions will be thoroughly addressed. Put your faith in a team you can trust and contact our office today.

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