Sinus Lift

A sinus lift is a surgical procedure utilized most often as a preliminary step to placing dental implants. When patients lack sufficient jawbone, the operation is performed to restore bone within the upper back arch of their mouth, near the sinus cavity. Our practice provides this procedure to ensure that all patients have the opportunity to receive implants, even when teeth have been missing for years. As dental implants are the most sought-after solution for missing teeth, we want to bring their availability to more patients by providing sinus lifts as a step towards that goal. 

If you are seeking a sinus lift in or around Rochester, IN, give us a call, and we can start planning your procedure.

The Sinus Lift Process

A sinus lift is a safe and simple surgical operation performed to restore lost bone along the upper jaw. Before the procedure may begin, our team will take extensive x-rays to examine the anatomy along your jaw and sinus region. We will take precise measurements to determine your bone’s size and what you will require to reach sufficient bone density for dental implants. Once this information is acquired, we can schedule your sinus lift procedure. 

  • To begin the surgery, the patient will receive adequate sedation to ensure they are feeling comfortable and pain-free. 
  • Next, we will create a small incision along the gumline of the missing tooth area and cut a small hole in the jawbone. 
  • This hole will be used as a direct path to the sinus cavity, where we will be able to lift the sinus membrane and pack the space with synthetic bone material. 
  • After this is complete, the area will be sutured closed for healing. 

The sinus lift procedure can be completed in one appointment and may take at least six months for the bone to heal and strengthen for supporting dental implants. The path to a perfect smile isn’t always easy, and it might require extra steps to get you there. In any case, the process of restoring your smile with dental implants is certainly a journey worth taking!

Benefits of Sinus Lift

  • Simple, Straightforward Procedure
  • Replaces Deteriorated Jawbone
  • May Improve Appearance of Facial Structure
  • Allows Patients to Receive Dental Implants

Your Ideal Office For Oral Surgery

We understand that the idea of oral surgery isn’t necessarily exciting for patients, but the outcome is something exceptional. Surgery allows for modern dentistry practices, like dental implants, to become an option. These procedures bring a whole new level of dependability and convenience to patients with missing teeth, weakened jawbone, or damaged tissues. 

Our practice is filled with skilled, experienced team members that are confident in performing surgical procedures and have used them to produce incredible results for numerous patients. Your smile is our specialty, and we are committed to ensuring you receive the smile you desire through oral surgery. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact our office in Rochester, IN, today!

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