Tooth Extraction

It is not unusual for a patient to feel stressed or frightened when faced with the prospect of having a tooth extracted. The idea of a tooth being removed can feel scary and strange, especially when it’s their first time. Many patients are surprised to learn that dental extractions are a fairly common procedure and are not as scary as they had imagined. 

The important thing to know is that a tooth will only be extracted if it’s absolutely necessary for the patient’s health. Our team is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to make an informed decision regarding the extraction of a tooth, ensuring losing a tooth will improve rather than harm your health. At our Rochester, IN office, we offer safe, easy, and painless processes for simple and surgical extractions. Call today to make an appointment if you require a tooth extraction, and our team will take good care of you!  

Simple Extraction

A simple extraction is a removal performed on a visible tooth in the patient’s mouth. This form of extraction begins by carefully numbing the tooth and surrounding tissue with a local anesthetic. Then, the tooth is slowly rocked back and forth until it becomes loose. Once the tooth root has been detached, it is simply removed from the socket. During this procedure, you will likely feel some pressure as the tooth is loosened but will not experience pain. 

Surgical Extraction

Surgical extractions are less common and are typically performed on broken or impacted teeth. This procedure is most often performed to extract wisdom teeth. The surgical extraction is performed while the patient is under sedation. This procedure involves the dentist making a small incision in the gum line and removing the tooth or teeth. The incision is then closed with sutures.

When Is A Tooth Extraction Necessary?

  • Severe Decay or Tooth Infection
  • Injured or Broken Tooth
  • Not Enough Room For All Teeth to Emerge
  • Wisdom Tooth Impaction

Maintaining Your Comfort & Trust

When undergoing a tooth extraction, we realize that patients can feel nervous about the procedure. We believe one of our jobs as dental professionals is to eliminate this fear and provide patients with a positive dental experience. We do this by keeping patients well informed and providing them with the support they need to recover as quickly as possible. We can also discuss options for tooth replacement, if needed, to ensure patients can maintain their smiles for the future!

Overall, we let the patient lead the way and choose what makes them most comfortable for their extraction. Whether you wish to ask questions, request sedation, or inquire about dental implants, we would be delighted to speak with you. Contact our office today to learn more or schedule an appointment to have your extraction performed by a team you can trust!

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